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We love Feng Shui and making your home and work places harmonious and successful environments. To achieve this we work on internal energy flows, aesthetics and function, chi flow and collection, Ley Line Healing, and correcting any negative influences rolling through your house and property from external sources.

 This page is currently under construction and after we have completed and Feng Shui'd it, we hope you enjoy its beauty.

Here are some of the people I have learnt from and links to their websites.

  Jean Haner is a beautifully gentle and loving teacher of so many things

Jean Haner

Lillian Bridges

  Lillian is a wonderful and talented and loving teacher of so many things as well.

  Eric Dowsett is a very talented and innovative space clearer and Ley Line healer.

Eric Dowsett

Karen Sulgar

  Karen is an Acupuncturist/ Chinese Medicine practitioner in Encinitas

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