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   We are a healing company with 30 years of experience and dedication to healing people, places, pets, plants and businesses. We offer homeopathic and flower essence consultations for people and pets.

   Our Homeopathic consultations can be done in person, by phone, Apple Facetime or Skype.


   Homeopathy, sometimes spelled Homoeopathy, is becoming very popular as a natural, gentle, highly affordable and safe form of healing using potentized diluted herbs and other substances. Using the principal of "Like Cures Like", different dilutions of active substances heal thesymptoms they would cause if taken undiluted. Due to safety, affordability, efficacy and lack of side effects Millions of people around the world are reaching for Homeopathy as a primary or complimentary healing method.


              Constitutional Homeopathy       

  Constitutional is using a remedy that goes beyond treating an acute situation and instead feeds and balances who you are on a deep level.  Constitutional Homeopathy can treat multiple and long standing conditions. Traditionally we have a remedy that matches to our constitutional type and that remedy restores our balance, health outlook and habits. Helping us blossom and flower fully.



                   POLYCREST REMEDIES

   Polycrest remedies are the ones you see in health food stores. Polycrest means the group of remedies that treat many things. They treat many different conditions, mental, emotional and physical for many different types of people. Treating many things for many people makes them the most popular ones.          Most homeopathic prescribing is Polycrests like Nux Vomica, Arsenicum, Bella Donna, Silica, Pulsatilla in low to medium dilutions.



                        MIASMIC REMEDIES

   The founder of Homeopathy believed that many disease could be traced back to a couple of families. Disease families, not human failies and Miasmic remedies target the tendencies we might have in out constitution to lean towards one or more of these miasms.




                               LM REMEDIES

   Changing the energy patterns, balances and flows in your home, studio, healing room, or work space can create more, ease and success, bringing elegant solutions and expansion in every area of your life. This can be as simple as changing a room to be more water to feed a wood element person, or as complex as diagnosing earth energy lines running through your spaces.
   We specialize in locating, diagnosing, healing and moving energy lines, consulting on Homes, Buildings, Businesses, planned or partially finished sites and gardens under construction, places having problems, slow to sell or stubborn to buy, ready to be sold or purchased, and those just lived in and needing a little adjusting. [link to Feng Shui Page]





   These are three areas of strength that often need support or repair, especially in these times of change. Love yourself, give to yourself, see yourself as strong. Easy to say, often help here can be life changing. This can often include..



   There are several tips to keep in mind with homeopathic medicines.



   Take as prescrib