Traditional Dosage Schedules  
All of our formulas can be taken directly under the tongue, or in water, 2 to 6 times daily over a period of several weeks. For persistent conditions some formulas can be taken even longer consistently, or with breaks in between periods of use. E.G. You may take a formula for 2-3 weeks and then take a break of a week or more before you give it another burst.
  Enhanced Dosage Schedules  
 Other formulas work especially quickly for certain conditions if taken more frequently. The best way to do this is to place 4 to 7 drops in a glass of water and sip frequently (each sip is a dose). For the swiftest effect you can sip once every 1 to 2 minutes. You may use more than one formula at a time (cocktailing), but remember to allow 20 minutes between doses of different formulas. The different merits and applicability of these two dosage schedules are discussed in greater detail on the introduction page
Symptoms RemedyDosage
Lack of focus and precision in mind/body or hand/eye coordination. Unable to reach new performance levels in martial arts, yoga, or any physical activity requiring a high degree of integration and balance. Athlete's
Difficulty in getting started in the morning. Lacking enthusiasm and vitality due to overindulgence, depression or sadness. Loosing energy during day. Bright
Anger, upsets or disappointments in children. Negative energy patterns or a general sense of disinterest. Calm
Deep seated emotional or spiritual issues that are unresolved. Inability to face and overcome these issues. Energy blockages from these sources. Cleansing Fire Both
Unable to communicate clearly and appropriately. Lack of public speaking ability. Weakness in the voice. Lack of alignment in thoughts and expressions. Clear Communication Both
Patterns of weak or shallow breathing. Blockages and congestion on all levels. Difficulty in meditating or opening to guidance from spirit. Clear
Subject to overblown fears and negative influences. Lack of fortitude and perseverance. In need of grounding. Courage Both
Unable to set coherent goals. Difficulty in planning. Unclear purpose. Dreaming but never turning dreams into reality. Opportunities always just out of reach. Dreams
Come True
Experiencing emotional disharmonies i.e. being on an emotional roller coaster. Experiencing symptoms of illness that arise from emotional causes. Emotional Transformation Both
Lack of communication, trust, and acceptance in relationships. Inability to see another's point of view or bring love into your life. Healing
Sudden feelings of anger. Patterns of self-sabotage. Obsessive behavior brought on by hidden or deeply suppressed emotions or sorrow. Hidden
Energetically weak immune system. Susceptibility to invasive influences from emotional or physical toxins or from contact with toxic individuals. Immune
Blockages in the second chakra. Insufficient imagination for creative expression. Insufficient energy flow for problem solving and creative accomplishment. Inspiration Both
Undue damage due to high stress, high output life-style. Below average organ performance due to lowered energy levels. Rigidity in thoughts and actions. Male
Lack of attention and concentration. Reduced mental processing due to insufficient energy flow. Patterns of making the same mistakes a number of times. Difficulty in maintaining concentration for long periods. Mental
Tendency towards unhealthy cravings and addictive behavior patterns. Difficulty in getting rid of old habits or making new beginnings Both Methods
Susceptibility to imbalances that accelerate the pave of aging. Loss of coordination and integration between mind, body and spirit due to aging. Perfect
Feeling "burned out" or mentally or physical exhausted. Needing to restore and regenerate energy levels quickly and safely. Excessive time necessary for recovery from illness or exhaustion. Rapid
Frozen emotions. Lack of openness and warmth. Lack of sensuousness. Difficulty in expressing true passion. Sexual
Insufficient digestion and assimilation leading to lack of energy reserve. Overall weakened system due to inefficiency in converting and storing energy. Difficulty completing tasks. Sustainable
Emotional or physical traumas. Damage to the body's electromagnetic fields (aura). Less than satisfactory healing. Trauma Both
Inability to quiet the mind and emotions. Difficulty in attaining a state of true relaxation. Unable to let go of worry and intensity. Lack of sound sleep. Tranquility Both
In need of rescuing from overwhelming stress that creates emotional and physical chaos. Experiencing crises that lower productivity and increase confusion. Need quick acting relief in overload situations. Un-Stress Enhanced
Lack of productivity and balance under stress. Insufficient energy renewal while asleep or at rest. Inability to harmonize and soothe energy cycles. Way of the Goddess Both