These are links to some of our favorite people and sites.  We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.  
  Living Beauty Detox Program  

   Botanical Alchemy Flower Essence Blends have been featured in the Living Beauty Detox Program by best-selling author Ann Louise Gittleman. Click on the book on the left or go to for more information about Ann Louise Gittleman and all her other books.

Click on her picture on the right to go to her website

Ann Louise Gittlemen  

Sunny Dawn Johnston

sunny dawn johnston


   Sunny is so great that she has two websites.  One for herself and her numerous activities, and one for her center.

The link to her site is:

The link to her center is:

     Our favorite pet psychic. She's a beautiful and loving person. Look at how happy her horse, Rain, is. Check out her site. We especially love the pictures of her with the world's happiest animals.

The link to her site is:

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson


George Perina

life in the seas


      George is so great that he also has two websites.  One for his stunning pictures of marine life, and another for his amazing shots above water. George is responsible for the design of this site, and it's his ability to capture the beauty of flowers that grace these pages.

The link to his marine site is here:

The link to his nature galleries is here:


  I love my friends, and I am thrilled that they are living their passion. The love that they share and their skill level in each of their chosen fields are both heart-opening and inspiring for me.........Clifton

Clifton Harrison

Clifton Harrison